151 E 10th Street, Hialeah, FL 33010

Wholesale Deal

151 E 10th Street, Hialeah, FL 33010 is a single family located in Miami – Dade County. It has 3 Bedrooms and 1 bath with a 1,313 sqft. Built in 1946.

The Deal

  • Property acquired 2018 
  • Single Family 1,313 sqft
  • Lot – 1,313 Sqft
  • Located in Miami – Dade County
  • 3bd/ 1ba
  • Build in 1946
  • Contract Price: $175,000

The Story

Mr. Rodriguez began his online search for “Cash Homebuyers” and found us whilst calling around looking for the best. 

Mr. Rodriguez and his sister had just inherited the property. There was too much work needed to be done and they came to the decision of wanting to sell. 

After a brief phone conversation, Eden met with him at the property to better understand their situation and to make an offer.

Eden offered Mr. Rodriguez his asking price and a Purchase and Sale agreement was signed. Afterwards, we contacted one of our top partners and he agreed to purchase the property. 

The Outcome

Early 2018, one of our long time partners agreed take us up on this wholesale deal located in Hialeah. He gave the home a modern look with a renovated kitchen, fresh paint, new flooring and made it picture perfect for the next family to create new memories. After renovations, he sold it for $360,000.

Contract price: $175,000 

Assignment price: $215,000

Net Profit Generated (Assignment fee): $40,000

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