281 NW 102nd St, Miami FL 33150

Wholesale Deal

281 NW 102nd St, Miami FL 33150 is a single family located in Miami – Dade County. It has 2 Bedrooms and 2 Baths with a 1,098 sqft. Built in 1946.

The Deal

  • Property Acquired 2019 
  • Single Family 1,098 sqft
  • Lot – 1,098 Sqft
  • Located in Miami – Dade County
  • 2bd/ 2ba
  • Built in 1946
  • Contract Price: $145,000

The Story

Mr. Rafael reached out through our website and immediately he formed a very friendly conversation with our Acquisition Manager, Nissan.

Mr. Rafael moved to California and had this house left here in a bad condition and needed help with it since he couldn’t sell it the traditional way. We offered him a fair price, he agreed and we moved on.

The Outcome

We assigned our purchase and sale agreement to a local investor/rehabber that renovated the property into a perfect condition (see pictures below). 

Contract price: $145,000

Assignment price: $197,500

Net Profit Generated (Assignment fee): $52,500

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