Don And Eden Sade

Full Time Real Estate Investors



Public Realtions 95%
Broker Relationships 81%
Deal & Market Analysis 75%
Acquisitions 85%
Economy 72%



Marketing 89%
Computer 80%
Management 90%
Problem-solving 87%
Technical skills 75%

Our Story...


Started in Retail

In 2013 Don and Eden, siblings from Israel moved to the United States and decided to focus primarily on retail. After 2 years in the retail business, their business peaked at 6 locations and 30 employees.


The Beginning in Real Estate

In late 2015, despite the tremendous success in retail, Don and Eden decided to shift the focus to the real estate industry. At this point, they managed to save some capital for initial small investments.
They moved to Florida with no track record and got into the real estate residential business.


Building Portfolio

2016-2018 Were the years where everything changed forever for the young entrepreneurs as the Floridian residential real estate wholesale business was just right for a deep dive in. The partners were able to pick up properties at 50 cents on the dollar on a monthly basis and created a massive residential portfolio backed by constant cash flow coming from wholesale and rehab deals.

2018 - Present

First Commercial Deal...

In late 2018 the partners locked their first commercial deal. A deal that shook the market in Hollywood FL. The seasoned entrepreneurs picked up a lot zoned for Multi-Family in the heart of Hollywood Florida, one of the most desired spots for development.

This lot will be developed into a 30 unit state of the art apartment building, expected to be valued at over 9 Million with a total investment of 4.7 Million including lot purchase.

Their Residential wholesale and rehab business is still active through this day and enables the partners to utilize its cash flow and implement sophisticated off market strategies rivaled by none.